PRP and Orthokine

PRP is derived from the initials of the phrase “Platelet Rich Plasma” and means platelet rich plasma. Platelets play an important role in normal tissue healing in the body. Platelet-enriched plasma contains growth factors necessary for tissue healing.

This treatment method is used to accelerate the treatment of muscle strains and tears, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, shoulder injuries, tendon and ligament injuries and bone fractures.

Orthokine molecular biologist Dr. Dr. Julio Reinecke, a spinal surgeon in Germany. It is a patented method developed by Peter Wehling. The method is a purely biological treatment method. It is a form of treatment by injecting the blood taken from the patient into the injured or painful area after being prepared under special conditions. It uses the body’s own endogenous proteins and healing factors. Orthokine therapy has been used since 1997. Hundreds of doctors internationally have used this therapy method successfully. Thousands of injections have also been made without any complications.

Orthokine Therapy works by limiting pain and inflammation in the following conditions;
Osteoarthritis (Knee Pain),
Nerve root irritation, tendon or muscle injuries,
Post-operative rehabilitation treatment reduces pain.

For this reason, the mobility, mobility and natural function ability of the affected area increases. The patient can return to daily activities in an earlier period. National Basketball Association star Kobe Bryant is also known as the Kobe Procedure, where this method is successful in solving his problems due to knee problems.

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