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Correct Diagnosis

Correct diagnosis in sports injuries; It ensures that the treatment is done as soon as possible and correctly.

Exercise in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Adequate nutrition is important to reduce the risk of injury to the body due to training. Proper and adequate nutrition is an indispensable requirement for the body in terms of sports.

Sports Rehabilitation

During the time you do sports; Massage, mobilization and stretching applications to be performed by physiotherapists under the control of sports physicians prevent muscle pain and reduce the risk of exercise-related injury.

Prohibited Substance – Doping

The use of prohibited substances can harm the physical and mental health of the athletes. It is also against sports ethics. Stay clean for clean sport.

Athlete Tests

Musculoskeletal system-specific tests and evaluations to be performed before starting sports reduce the risk of injury and prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Treatments Applied

in Our Clinic

Sports Medicine is a branch of science that provides services in the diagnosis and treatment of health problems caused by the participation of individuals of all ages and genders in sports or not doing sports. Sports medicine specialization is a department with a 4-year residency period after graduating from medical school, with placement with the Medical Specialization Examination.

Orthopedics, physical therapy and rehabilitation and cardiology rotations are performed during the specialization process. Although subjects such as exercise physiology and biochemistry, sports traumatology, and sports rehabilitation are the main areas of interest of sports physicians, regular examinations of sports practitioners, performance measurement and follow-up, examining the factors that prepare them for sports injuries and reducing the incidence of injuries are the duties of the sports physician.

Athletes and active individuals need a wide range of sports-specific knowledge and experience, ranging from musculoskeletal problems to the stresses of environmental effects, from cardiac to dermatological problems, from endocrinological issues to psychological ones. Legal and ethical issues (eg, doping) are added to this complex picture, which places a special responsibility on physicians working with athletes. The issue of protection from chronic diseases has emerged as a field of study that has great importance in recent years, and many circles agree on the feature that sports medicine makes the most meaningful contribution to each individual of the society, with the effect of increasing the quality of daily life of sports medicine.

Sports medicine focuses on four main areas: preparation of the athlete, protection from illness or injury, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured athlete and reintroducing them to sports life. Preparation or conditioning exercises develop specific aspects of the athlete’s performance, such as speed, strength and endurance. In these areas, sports medicine specialists work in coordination with physicians from many branches, dietitians, psychologists, training scientists and trainers.

In our clinic, the diagnosis, treatment and sportive rehabilitation of the problems of not only elite athletes but also individuals who are recreationally active are carried out.

While correct exercises are important in treatment, incorrect exercise can cause injuries. In our athlete health center, we aim to give you the most accurate and proper treatment with our expert physiotherapists who have worked in professional sports clubs for many years and are still working.

Osteopathy, Manual Therapy, Manipulation – Mobilization Techniques, Dry Needling, Exercise Therapy, ESWT (shock wave therapy) and Enriched Plasma Platelet support services are provided in our clinic.